Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our website. We are happy to give you brief information about the various training Courses offered by our Institute.

Established since 1973, St. Anthony’s Technical Academy is not a giant – size institution, but it is certainly an ideal place of learning with an objective of ensuring a steady flow of skilled personnel and to reduce unemployment amongst the educated youth by equipping them with required skills, technical education and discipline for suitable industrial employment as well as self-employment.

St. Anthony's Technical Academy therefore is Dedicated To The Service Of The Student Community serves the need and intends to meet all requirements of the students in this behalf.

Our mission is to provide quality education at affordable fees to the needy students helping them to achieve their goals.

“Your Future Our Pride” has not only been our slogan, but our motto in developing & training thousands students each year.

Last but not the least, I leave you now to choose the Courses offered and reach a decision, which may quite literally change the course of your life for the better.


Anthony Billy.